For most people in the Netherlands, learning how to play football is part of their everyday life. For many people here, learning football can start as early as the age of 4. All they need is a football, a field, and a bunch of their friends.

Learning how to play football on your own or with your friends is a great way to fall in love with the sport. But if you want to harness your skills and capabilities, then you’ll need a great institution to give you a hand.

Here are some of the top football academies in the Netherlands.

Global Football Academy (GFA)

Global Football Academy is an international movement active in the Netherlands, London, Portugal, and Florida. This academy provides professional-like training programs for all young people, mostly teenagers.

The academy is located in Apeldoorn. They have great training facilities and they are meticulous when it comes to teaching their students the fundamentals. Their program includes field training, strength training, individual training, game analysis, and weekly matches against the top clubs in the Netherlands.

You not only train like a professional but you also get to play against professionals. Maybe even beat them.

FSG Academy

Another institution located in Apeldoorn. FSG offers more than just a training program. They focus on the growth of someone not only as an athlete but as a student-athlete. “The FSG Academy supports student-athletes in every area of their development to become an excellent athlete.”

FSG is known for its quality “sports and academics” combination. In terms of sports, they offer volleyball and football programs. With football, they analyse each player and assess their best skills and improve other aspects in need of upgrades.

Their sports program includes training for technique, mental training, team dynamics, and sport-specific conditioning. They also provide programs for coaching, tactics, game plan and strategy, and game analysis.

These two are truly some of the best football academies in the country. There are more out there, but we highly recommend these two.