One thing we fully understand in our years of writing about football is the possibility of both minor and severe injuries. It is heartbreaking to say that a lot of people who have promising futures in the sport are cut-short due to unprecedented injuries.

But, keep in mind that there are several institutions providing rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and recovery services.

Study of Physiotherapy in the Netherlands

There is tremendous and ongoing research to dissect new information about physiotherapy here in the Netherlands. Researchers are making great progress with their studies and providing a new perspective on how to approach various injuries and how to treat them.

Thanks to these resources, hundreds of people who experienced severe injuries to continue living normal lives. Many of them are also able to play football or the sport they love.

However, it is also proven that severe injuries can have permanent damage or effects on the body that will result in some people not being able to perform as they did before.

Rehabilitation Facilities

If you need rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, there are several facilities or centres you can go to across the country. In Amsterdam, they have CiaoFysio. In Utrecht, they have Trias Physical.

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