Unibet is one of the top online betting websites or sportsbooks in the Netherlands. It also caters to online gambling so basically, everything gambling-related can be done with Unibet. One of the biggest sectors of Unibet is football betting.

You can bet on the top leagues here in the Netherlands, to La Liga and the English Premier League.

Here are some tips that you might find interesting and useful when betting on football games.

Different Types of Bets

Keep in mind that when it comes to football, you can bet on more than just the winning team. The most common bet is the Full-Time Result, meaning you get to bet on who will be winning. This type of bet can end up in three results, Win, Lose or Draw.

There is the Total Goals bet. In this type of bet, you get to choose under or over. There will be a basic goal point. Let’s say for the next game, the goal quoted is 2.5. If you bet over, then to win, the total of both teams’ goals added should be above 2.5 meaning 3.

There is also the Correct Score bet. Here, you not only predict the winning team but also the final score. Let’s say FC Barcelona are about to take on Real Madrid. You bet on FC Barcelona beating Real Madrid 3-1. If that is the exact final result of the game, then your winnings are sure to multiply. Make sure to learn more types of bets, there are dozens.

Engage on Live Betting

This is more than just a tip. Live betting is one of the biggest features of Unibet. Here, you can bet on ongoing games. This can be exciting, and you can be flexible in how you spend money. If you understand the game, not just the rules but everything, then you are sure to make informed betting decisions on the spot.

More and more people are also into live betting so that means more winning opportunities for you.

To learn more about football and other sports, visit Unibet today. One last thing; don’t forget to be responsible when you’re betting. Make sure to budget your money well and never go overboard.