NEC Academie started as a blog back in 2012 where content focused on football here in the Netherlands. It talked about the best Dutch players and how they made their way to the global stage.

The blog was created, designed, and developed by Faysal van Leur. He was working as a manicurist at that time. He attended free content writing and web development seminars every chance he got. After a couple of times listening to professionals, he was able to learn the basics.

Enter NEC

Football was dear to Faysal’s heart. As a young boy from Zutphen, he was raised by football. Even during school days, he would go outside with his friend to play a couple of hours. Faysal knew all the greatest players including Portugal’s Eusebio, Brazil’s Pele, Germany’s Gerd Muller, Argentina’s Lionel Messi, and more.

When you ask him a question about football, no matter what country, he’d know the answer. If not, then he’ll spend a lot of time looking for the answer.

The blog was his idea to share his love for and knowledge about football. In 2014, NEC Academie became a full-on sports magazine that circulated Zutphen and online.

By 2018, it became one of the best, if not the number 1 football magazine in the Netherlands. NEC Academie today is not just a magazine but an institution that teaches readers about football and the brilliance of it.

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